You & Me Intimate Collection Bundle Pack

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The You & Me bedroom game from Creative Conceptions is the perfect way for couples to keep their intimacy alive and exciting. The game is designed for two players, and comes with a deck of cards for each gender.
You & Me intimacy adult game includes 90 innovative ideas, sexy suggestions and spicy activities for the special night. The game is intriguing – if you win the points, you’re the one who gives pleasure. Collect 30 points and congratulations – you’re the winner.
The intimate erotic game includes a silky red blindfold, rose petals, 45 forfeit cards for each, 4 special cards, a Joker card, 1 die, and 1 sand timer. The sand timer adds an element of excitement, giving the player only a limited amount of time to perform their activity.
Creative Conceptions is an award-winning specialist and distributor which specializes in the supply of fast selling adult products and the creation of innovative, quality grown up games, novelties and gifts.

Features Details
Brand Creative Conceptions
Features Challenge couples and keep their sex lives active
Package Contains 1 sand timer, 1 die, 90 cards, silky blindfold, rose petals.
Designed for Couples
Playing time Depends on the Imagination
Players 2
Age 18+
You & Me Intimate Collection Bundle Pack

You & Me Intimate Collection Bundle Pack