Mister Size 60mm



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Mister Size

MISTER SIZE 60 is a wider-than-average condom that gives the optimal freedom for men with the powerful penis. If you find a regular wrapper too tight for your equipment, this one becomes your best companion.
Body-hugging condom feels like a tailor-made suit that allows you to relax and focus fully on your pleasurable event. With comfort in mind, the secure rubber measures 60mm in width and promises a perfect and roomy fit.
Made from natural rubber latex, the straight-walled condom is very sensitive with 0.05mm thickness to ensure only the natural skin-to-skin senses. On top of that, it unrolls easily and wraps your gear without constricting the tip or the base.
Because every penis is different, the first condom from the shelf isn’t a smart idea. Although it might not be the top of your mind, condom size really matters and it can affect your love-making experience. Mister Size brand is here to break the ‘One size fits all’ myth and lead you to the world of surprisingly intense intercourse. With a focus on individual experience, the Germany-based brand offers a great selection of seven different sizes of condoms, ranging from 47mm to 69mm in circumference. This will finally make it easy for you to find a rubber that allows you to concentrate on the most beautiful thing – sex..

Features Details
Brand Mister Size
Also know as -
Special features Ultra Thin - Pure Feeling
Size Larger
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Natural rubber latex
Thickness 50 microns
Width at base 60mm / 2.36" inches
Length 200±5mm / 7.9" inches
Mister Size 60mm

Mister Size 60mm