Latex-Free Condoms Sampler Pack



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Mixed Brands

Introducing our sensational latex-free condoms sampler pack. Have an allergy or sensitivity to latex? Luckily – there are way more non-latex options on the market than you think. Bless! If you cannot decide which condom is right for you, just try our selected pieces and stay safe with trusted alternatives.
All picks in our variety pack are specially made from polyisoprene or polyurethane materials which are softer than latex and offer the same amount of protection against pregnancy. Selected condoms provide more of a natural skin-on-skin feeling, have an easy shape to roll, and stay in place during sex.
There are some major players when it comes to non-latex condoms – SKYN and Okamoto. Make room on your shelf because you will get them all to try. We can say for certain that these condoms will improve your experience, and most importantly, this sampler pack is a good start to finding the right rubber for your delicate skin.
*Please note, all condoms are subject to stock availability.

Features Details
Brand Mixed
Also known as Condom Mix by WorldCondoms
Special features Latex-Free
Size Regular
Shape Mixed shapes
Texture Smooth
Color Transparent
Flavor Flavored / Unflavored
Material Non-Latex Material
Thickness Mixed microns
Width at base Mixed
Length Regular size
Latex-Free Condoms Sampler Pack

Latex-Free Condoms Sampler Pack