Fetish Collection Red Lack Sheet

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Fetish Collection Red Lack Sheet is a sheet designed to transform your bed into a shiny, smooth, black surface for slippery plays with grease, liquid, lube or oil.
Bed sheet is easy to clean and can be used with all types of lubricants. If you are looking for a glossy playing field, Fetish Collection Red Lack Sheet is the way to go.
Material: 100% polychloride (vinyl), washable. Sheet size: width 200cm / 79 inches, length 230cm / 91 inches.
All Fetish Collection products are highly regarded and well-known for their quality, variety and affordability. Indulge your kinky fantasies with a date or mate in your own home.

Features Details
Brand Fetish Collection
Product Type Sheet protector
Size Width 200cm / 79'', Length 230cm / 91''
Features Designed for sex games
Material 100% polychloride (vinyl)
Used for Fetish & Scene
Friendly with Bare Skin

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Fetish Collection Red Lack Sheet

Fetish Collection Red Lack Sheet